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FFP2 und FFP3 Atemschutzmasken

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FFFP2 and FFP3 Respirators

Respirators of the FFP2 standard are medical equipment which provides protection from dust, bacterial, and viral particles in the air. The FFP2 class filters around 95% of harmful particles and prevents them from entering the respiratory system. That's where they can cause an infection or trigger an allergy. However, they are not a 100% protection from viral, aerosol transmitted diseases. The entire respirators are made out of filtration material and they may include an exhalation valve. 

FFP3 respirators have a higher filtration efficiency as they can catch up to 99% of viral, microbial, dust, and other particles from the air. That's why they are commonly used in research, pharmaceutic industry, and work involving toxic substances. Nowadays, they prove to be most useful and necessary, especially for medical staff fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic. They can also be used to protect people at high risk. 

As with other respirator classes, FFP3 protection masks provide protection only to their wearers. If you are infected and wear a respirator, droplets spread out of your mouth into the surrounding environment, especially when using a respirator with an exhalation valve. To protect people around you, you must place a regular face mask (single-use or out of cloth) on the respirator as a cover when wearing. 

You can choose from several different types and package sizes. Buy more, pay less. 

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